Monday, 31 October 2011

A Day in the Life of an Unemployed...

Someone once said, ‘The Hardest work in the world is being out of work’ & I must say I totally agree with it. Every morning when I wake up it feels like I’m on a job that I do not enjoy at all. What started out as a well-deserved vacation has now turned into a period of I-desperately-need-a-job. My mind it seems has gone into hibernation mode and only a very small part of the brain needed for everyday functioning is awake and running.

My day begins around the time when offices are getting ready for their lunch break. I have but forgotten what a breakfast feels like. By the time I have read the news, the world has moved on from them and has found newer issues to deal with. So after completing that pointless exercise, I go up to my room to check my emails, Facebook updates and sports news. Such is my routine that I open the websites in the same order day after day.

The day’s first moments of any kind of real activity or excitement comes in the form of an argument that my mother and I have everyday over if I should take a bath before having my lunch. We have the same argument every day, but it is still difficult to predict who will win on that particular day. Some days I win and have my lunch with a slight sense of victory while on other days I have to reluctantly give in and take a bath! Whoever came up with this rule probably didn't have a life himself.

Afternoons are generally a busy time. I lie down on my couch and watch a film or the latest episode of one of the many series I follow. The temperature being so high just makes a person even lazier and I for one don’t feel like doing anything. Even the small job of pausing the video to go and answer nature’s call seems very tedious!

Evenings are much more bearable. I’m either out meeting and hanging out with friends or at home counting every second till it is time for dinner. Dinner time means sitting down with family downstairs and eating together and watching some television. This by the way is the only time of the day when I watch TV, so you can imagine just how much time I spend in front of my laptop!

After dinner I come back to my room and it is that time of the day when I realise that I’m wasting precious time and how I should be looking harder for a job. Every night I also look at my blog and tell myself to write something. But every time I sit down to write something, it is too much for the small functioning part of my brain to process and it short-circuits. In other words to protect its vital functioning parts it sends me into day-dreaming mode. Though creative juices have all but dried up, it is a wonder how I get to watch a new dream every night! The brain of ours is indeed an incredible organ!

Anyway the point of writing all the above is nothing but another way of telling myself to get out this sorry state of living and get a job!