Monday, 24 December 2012

What India really needs.

India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters’, or so says our country’s pledge. But you’ve only got to look at the news trending in the past week or so to realise that it is the biggest lie an individual is taught. In reality people have no time, concern or care for another person and the price of a human life in recent times has dipped below that of a vegetable. It is of little surprise then that things like rape, murder and other crimes get more prime time slots on our news channels than welfare and development. Also the police and the politicians who have been entrusted the honour and responsibility to rule over and look after the country’s interests are sadly the ones who have failed. As my college professor once said, ‘the country is truly going to the dogs’.

It is heartening to see people taking to the streets and the social media websites to protest and also put forward their views on how to make our country a better place to live. There have been a range of suggestions from amending the laws, changing the government and giving more power to the police force. But in reality what this country really needs is a vigilante or a group of vigilantes - someone in a hood or a cape who will fight crime and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Before you accuse me of being high on Hollywood or South Indian films, just for once open your minds and imagine. Can’t a rich dude use his money to train himself in the art of fighting and buy the best tools to fight crime? I admit it is not easy, but it isn’t impossible either. Think about it!

A symbol like this in our skies would make the hardest of criminals s**t his pants. 
I have come across people suggesting that we need a person like Dexter who will kill bad people and rid the society of such scums. I would be totally happy if there was such a person working behind the scenes, but what India really needs is a symbol. A person killing in the dark will only go unnoticed by the people, but a symbol will strike fear into every person thinking of committing a crime. The situation in India is not very unlike what plagued Gotham when Bruce Wayne took it upon himself to save his city. Our country too is under the siege of fearless criminals, corrupt politicians and inept cops. And just like Batman, we need someone who can save us. Just imagine how safe the girls, their parents or the senior citizens will feel knowing that there is someone almost always watching from above ready to strike at the slightest sniff of danger.

A single person will find it a tad difficult to patrol a country as big as ours and that is why a group of vigilantes makes more sense. They can start off at one city and then branch out to the other parts of the country. Imagine seeing posters on walls and lamp posts, media going crazy trying to uncover the real identities while only adding to the mystery of who they really are. Legends and stories will be made and social media will be abuzz. Criminals will soon have no place to hide and will have to think twice and pray to God before committing a crime. Our country strongly believes in spoon feeding a child so he or she doesn't have to think, and these vigilantes will use this to their advantage by feeding the fear of doing something wrong and very soon I reckon we shall see a dip in the crime rate. It will give us all a taste of freedom which only our forefathers got to experience when they freed the country from the clutches of the Britishers.

But having said that, I also do believe that there is a flipside to giving a person or a group too much power. The things they do will more often than not be against the constitution and the laws of the country and could very well lead to a dictatorship or a parallel government in the future. If such a situation was to arise, we might again have to take to the streets to fight the very people who helped us clean our society in the first place. But for now seeing as how things are bleak and the government is powerless against these anti-social elements, I wouldn’t mind handing over the power to someone if they could guarantee results.

We are currently treading a thin line between frustration towards this apparent apathy and the desperation to get something done. And it is never good to get an individual desperate, because there is no telling what he could end up doing. The idea of a vigilante protecting our streets may be fictitious at best, but it is not something that should be labelled as a childish idea and thrown out the window. All I want to do through this post is to express my opinion and hope it reaches a rich dude with an open mind and a passion and desperation to do something for his country.


  1. To imagine something is not bad. From this imagination something comes to reality. Your idea cannot be discarded as something absurd. Similar thoughts may crystallize a future masiha. When Mr Gandhi emerged in the horizon of the country, nobody believed that such a person could bring miracle of this magnitude. A naked fakir could raise his strength against the mighty and invincible Britishers. Several examples are there in the history and puranas. I am optimist.

  2. Reminded me of the movie 'Hindustani' :) Since I'm a huge fan of Batman (which does not mean that my liking is limited to the visual/Gothic aesthetics of the story) and the essence of the story, I'm game for this idea and would gladly help such a Messiah, even if he be an outlaw. Sometimes you need to burn a part of the forest to save it from complete conflagration.