Wednesday, 2 March 2011

When the Belly Rules the Mind...

As far as I can remember the one question that I have always pestered my mother with is: “What’s there to eat?” No matter how much I have eaten or how stuffed I am, just before the next meal time I would find myself standing at the entrance of the kitchen looking at my mother cooking and then finally asking the question. I have asked her the question so many times that if I were to die before a meal time, my tombstone would read, ‘Passed away without knowing what was being cooked.” In order to avoid such a scenario I am trying to do certain good deeds which will come in use when it is my time to go. I would love to go on a full stomach.

George Bernard Shaw once said that there is no love sincerer than the love of food and I absolutely agree with him. I have always loved food. I mean who doesn’t? I come from a country where the easiest way to make a person happy is to serve him a scrumptious meal. Once he is done eating, he won’t ask you for anything else. I’m no different, as I love everything about food. I love the smell of it which incidentally I find better than the fragrance of any perfume in the world, I love the way it satisfies you, I love the fact that a person is always spoilt for choice when he has to choose what to eat and obviously I love to eat. It is my parent’s genes and God’s grace that have kept me slim (if not fit) no matter how much I eat.

 But what has actually surprised me is just how much I love to cook. Being the epitome of laziness, I am surprised just how much I am willing to persevere to in order make that perfect dish. I am not saying I am a great cook, good maybe, but not great. I have never learnt to cook and the only knowledge I had of cooking was when I was getting certain basic lessons from my mother before coming to the UK. But I guess all those years of standing at the entrance of the kitchen and peeking at mother cooking must have ingrained these cooking skills into me at some subconscious level.

I still remember the first meal that I cooked after coming to the UK. When I began to cook, somehow I just knew what to do next and ended up cooking a meal that even my flatmates loved. That just spurred me on. I love to try new dishes, be it eating or trying to make them. I scour the net in search of new dishes to make or just add ingredients to make certain dishes taste a tad different. I have come to love cooking so much that it has become a way of unwinding after a long day. Cooking and then eating a meal that has been well made just takes away all the tiredness and then I go back to being at my best; lazy. The one thing that I hate about cooking though is cleaning afterwards. I just hate doing the dishes and after cooking every meal I wish that we had a dishwasher in our flat. Oh well, I guess one cannot get everything one wishes for in life.

Below are the pictures of the dishes that I have cooked so far. It is not much, but when you look at them and then at me, you will wonder where it all goes. Please don't mind the quality of the photos, most of the times I am just so hungry to sit still and click a good photo. Enjoy!!

Pasta with Meat

Veg Fajitas with Cheese

Cholle with Roti & Raita

Spaghetti & Meatballs!

Aalu ke Paronthe

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Vegetable Pulau with Chicken Gravy

Chicken Dopiaza and Roti


  1. Mr Sambit,
    I am thrilled to see the picture of the dishes U have shown. I take it granted that U cook these dishes very often. Now, it makes me think, whether u are making Phd on cooking or something else. May be a degree on hotel management and not on mass communication.
    I wish, U continue with these experiments with a caution that one day U do not convert ur self to a Lalit kumar Mishra or a Kiranbala Tripathy.

    A confession may be noted here that, when I had a mother and she asks me to read, I promptly ask, give me food. It has so happened that it became a habit of me to ask for food, when I am asked to read, even if I have taken my food before 5 minutes. U can verify this statement from ur mother.

    OK food is the only truth around which all other truth are revolving.

    Today is shiva ratri, a day of fasting. Great scents like Girija Shankar Mishra are without food the entire day. May be they will have some limited edition of food after sun set.

    U.S.Misra, India.

  2. Kunu,
    I hope your children are as fussy about food as you are!And trouble their mother like you did!!
    I still remember the days when I used to make Dalema and the tears in your eyes.

  3. Hey kunu, indeed a lovely post.... This reminds me of my days too.... Even though I was not much selective but still have troubled my mom with the same question..."What's there to eat?" Now i understand it more when i have to cook for myself and my husband....

  4. hey sam, a yummy blog!! me, though I am not a foodie nd hv a vry poor appetite, every evening before leaving office I call my mom just to knw the menu for eve :p...well the food looks sumptuous in photographs...hope it is palatable :p..kiddng....

  5. Hey...... i want the recipes... they are looking awesome....

  6. Impressive pics!lol..
    Can't imagine you cooking!

  7. nibedita dutta23 July 2011 at 15:39

    you are an awesome cook and blogger it seems! :) loved ur post and even i used to badger my mum askin d same question..i even used to steal yum delicacies from the refrigerator when everyone else used to sleep...oh forget it..i still do it and later even my sister started doin d same! I love eating and just the fact of getting ready to eat something makes me excited! In fact, food has been my best companion since the day i got my just doesn't leave me! I eat no matter what! :)

  8. Thank you for the very kind words Nibedita!! After your short description about your relationship with food, it seems we aren't so different from each other!! :)
    Happy reading!! :)