Saturday, 2 July 2011

Phone - A Friend....

When I left home & came to the UK for my higher studies there were a lot of things I had to leave behind. Family, friends, home, my country were only a few of them. But instead of feeling sad, I slowly settled into a daily routine of studies and exploring this new place, and began to enjoy and look forward to each new day. 

However, there were moments when I felt lonely and homesick. I missed my friends, my family and I admit there were times when I wanted to pack my bags and go back home. But in times like these I found a friend at one of the most unexpected places.

It has always been said that books are a man’s best friend. You can spend hours reading them, treat them ruthlessly & still they will never complain. But in my case books weren’t sufficient. In fact every time I sat down to read a book, my mind wandered to my family, home & friends. Hence, in a dire situation that I was, a certain something came to my rescue; it was my HTC Smartphone. Yes, you heard me right and before you roll your eyes, just listen to what I’ve got to say. 

We both love to travel and hence it always carries an app called ‘Google Maps’. Many a times we lost our way while exploring Sheffield. All we had to do was use the maps to get back on track. It is not jealous of my other friends and in fact likes it when I chat with them. So it has the ‘WhatsApp’ messenger with which my friends in India are only a buzz away. I’m a person who loves music & like a true friend it stores all my favourite songs in its ‘Music Player’. Our best moments together have been captured in its brilliant ‘5MP Camera’ & so very often we check them out in the gallery and relive those memories. It’s also very multi-dimensional in nature. With a range of apps to download from the Android Market, it adapts quickly to my changing needs. Nevertheless, our friendship is not only because of all its qualities, my HTC has brought some changes in me as well. For a person who was content with checking his emails and Facebook only a couple of times a day on his laptop, now feels the need to check them every half hour. 

From the time I have bought the HTC, it has become a very close friend of mine. Like the books it loves to spend hours with me and immediately forgives me if I happen to drop it by accident. But that’s not all. We have got so much more in common. 

My HTC is indeed a reflection of what I am. Like a true friend is has also seen to it that its personality has rubbed off on me. I’ll never forget the contribution it had in my life when I needed a friend. It does everything for me except help with the dishes, but if I needed someone to help me with those, I would have hired a butler! Long last our friendship my dear HTC.

P.S – I would like to thank my Uncle who pestered me into choosing an HTC. If not for him, I would have ended up with a BlackBerry or something.

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  1. WHOA!!!!!

    You're as small as the phone (or viceversa).

  2. Yeah well isn't that what friends are, equals!!

  3. Dear Sambit,
    read the blog.I feel, u have not spend the required time in posting this blog. What I recollect faintly, U have wrote something like this in the past about ur IPOD. That was an interesting article. Perhaps ur present blog will interest the Young readers like U.
    Wish to read more of ur blogs, as u are a professional writer by this time.

    Thanks and best wishes.


  4. still i will buy a blackberry....BLACKBERRY!!..BLACKBERRY!!...BLACKBERRY!!...
    if i buy a blackberry..u might hav 2 write ur blogs more i m gettin used 2 readin ur blogs..

  5. yeah right. First you buy one and then we will talk about me writing more!!!

  6. Thank You Miss Blue Periwinkle!! :)

  7. Thank You Miss Blue Periwinkle!! :)

  8. Thank You Chitra!! I'm glad you liked it. I saw yours and liked it too! :)

  9. goood analogy sambit ,very well put ....and gives an awesome udnerstanding of how the most littlest things can affect our lives...this has a very deep concept which i like..which i hope your other readers can grasp =D x mor more more =)