Monday, 1 August 2011

The Rabbit and the Turtle...

One day a rabbit was boasting about how fast he could run. He was laughing at the turtle for being so slow. Much to the rabbit’s surprise, the turtle challenged him to a race. The rabbit thought this was a good joke and accepted the challenge. The fox was to be the umpire of the race.

Since this was the 21st century the rules of the race were changed. The rabbit and the turtle were asked to choose a car each which they would race to the chequered flag. On the day of the race the rabbit arrived at the starting line in a petrol car while the smart turtle chose a diesel car.

The rabbit mocked the turtle and boasted about his car, its huge petrol engine and how much horse-power it had. The turtle though chose to keep quiet. He had chosen a car with the latest Multijet Diesel engine and knew he had made the correct choice.

The contenders...

As the race began, the rabbit raced ahead of the turtle, just like everyone thought. But every few kilometres he had to make a pit-stop to refill his car’s thirsty engine. The petrol engine though churning out a lot of power was drinking petrol by the gallons. The rabbit though was not worried and was sure that even if the turtle passed him, he would be able to race to the finish line ahead of him.

All this time the turtle gained steadily on the rabbit. His car’s diesel engine though not as powerful was very efficient & the turtle knew that in the course of the race this would help him a lot. His car’s diesel engine kept going on and on.

Pretty soon the turtle caught up with the rabbit as he was filling up at a petrol station. From this point on the race heated up. The rabbit had realised that if he were to stay in the race he would have to drive carefully so that his car’s engine wouldn't sap the petrol.

For the last kilometre their cars were neck to neck with just a hair’s breadth separating them. None of the waiting audience was able to hazard a guess on who will win. But even with all the careful driving the petrol engine was no match to the diesel’s efficiency. With the chequered flag agonizingly close, the rabbit’s car spluttered to a stop drained of its very last drop of petrol & the turtle passed the finishing line. There was a huge roar from the audience. The turtle had won and the rabbit was humbled.

Moral: The moral of the story my friends is that contrary to the popular belief, diesel engines these days are technologically more advanced than the petrol engines and are clearly the better option. Ask the rabbit!!

If you don’t believe me then go to your closest Fiat showroom and try out their latest Punto and Linea diesel. This post was written in response to the contest 'SWITCH TO DIESEL' hosted by FIAT on Indibloggers.

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  1. Pradhumn Tripathi1 August 2011 at 18:48

    Nice article.......

  2. This is the best post for 'Switch to Diesel'. I have read 6 such posts so far. I absolutely love it...

  3. Hey Saru!! Thanks a lot. The comment means a lot.. :)

  4. but then rabbit wanted 2 prove tht he can win still...n thght turtle dey decided on a interstate dey were about 2 strt whn *dramatic music* a really brand new verna fluidic came a crow...who wanted 2 race dem as well...da crow was smartest of both of dem...he fitted da car wid da race started...n was finished...
    1st place -- crow wid awesum milage n power...packed in one
    2nd place -- turtle wid awesum tech n milage
    3rd place -- rabbit wid petrol

    moral of da story.... buy a powerful petrol car n fit it wid CNG...u will get power whn u want power n u will get milage whn u want milage

  5. See now that is not a bad idea, but you have just reconfirmed the existing logic that 'SEQUELS' are always a flop!! :p

  6. The best part of a story is not, what you say, it is how you say. I will not be surprised to see one day, you have put all the best old wines in new bottles and with some colourful labels. I am waiting for the monkey and crocodile story to be retold.
    Umasankar Misra, Cuttack, India.

  7. Thaaaaaaaaank Youuuuuu!!!! :) :)

  8. brilliant adaptation of the tale!!

    best wishes for the contest!

  9. hahahaahahahaha...... an awesome way to advertise.. :P