Friday, 19 November 2010

I begin to Blog....

My first blog. It seems so late that I have entered into the world of blogging, especially when it is a combination of the two things I like a lot; Technology and Writing. I guess there is no one to blame but me and my laziness. Though I have been planning for sometime now to start blogging, I just kept postponing it, telling myself that I will begin once I find a good topic to write about. Mind you I am still far from finding a good topic to write about. It is because I have been stuck at home due to cold and fever that I had A Need to Write!!!! (I know it sounds corny!!!! But I like it!!!!)

Over time I have realized that it is only when I am bored or pressurized, that I want to write. At other times writing is something that comes down the ladder of things that I like to do. I still have to figure out a way so that I can write like normal writers do, i.e, everyday. I have seen my mom write every day for the last 4 to 5 years and am still mystified as to how she does it. There have been times when I saw her write at her desk and came back to my room and sat down to write. But all I have managed at those times is to think about what games I need to play, what movies do I have to watch, about the upcoming football match, etc. etc. The pen and paper have often gone untouched. But when I am under pressure to write something or am forced to come up with something, I have come up with write ups that have managed to even surprise me sometimes.

Coming back to me starting a blog. As I mentioned, I had been thinking about starting a blog for quite sometime. But it took a chat session with my mom to get me to actually start writing. If this is a window to my future in the Journalism industry, I will be getting a stick from the editor, every time I have to come up with an article for the next issue. Ominous signs I would say!!!!

Okay that is it for now. Will follow up with more posts.
Thank You!! Come again!!!


  1. A great writer takes birth in this way. George Bernard Shaw was a very moody person. He wanted to write but could not. He took advise of a mentor, who told him write four pages a day. GBS will write exactly four pages a day and after writing those four pages he will immediately escape from the place, in a way, if he writes more, it will be a crime.

    A motor car always consume more fuel at the time of starting. There after, it contacts Sir Isac Newton and says "Inertia of Motion" is more helpful than "Inertia of Rest".

    I will not be surprised, to learn one day, u have surpassed ur mother.

    Let our selves get a chance to feel proud of you.

    Umasankar Misra, an old man from India.

  2. It's important to start somewhere. A thousand miles journey begins with a single step... so keep walking... you will find destinations... continue with this habit... journalism is a vast field where you learn almost every day (a few days ago only i found the difference between everyday and every day:P) So here's wishing you all the luck.
    thumbs up... rajiv

  3. iam very proud of you sambi!!!!!! good going! do include me in one of your blogs...and just watch out for the no. of hits ur blog gets... :P anyway all the best!!

  4. ALL THE VERY BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! This is only the start of all the awesomeness that will follow!!!!Cheers! looking forward to reading some cool stuff here. :)

  5. To leave the protected shelter and move towards a hazardous unknown environment is a bold decision. Christophor Colombus, left his home town and sailed in the opposite direction, thinking the earth is round in a time all about earth was in a concept stage, is definitely a very brave and wild decision. His findings were wrong but still then, we remember him with great honour. I wish U navigate in the world of knowledge and find out something, which will benefit this world of ignorance.

  6. arey yaar...sub words le liya logon wat will i write tht will b different...todo el mejor....mantenga escribiendo sus blogs...yo siempre estaré de allí leer y empujarle poco aún más adelante....adiós...tome cuidado

  7. Great start Sambit!...It may sound cliche, but u knw its never too late. Keep ur style...all the best!!

  8. Great start Sambit!...It may sound cliche, but u knw its never too late. Keep ur style...all the best!!