Sunday, 21 November 2010

Leaving Home..

It has been a week since I have ventured out my house, courtesy my cold. So having nothing to do on a Saturday evening, I was just staring at my computer screen, when I was suddenly transported back in time. I went back to around this time last year when I had begun working towards coming to the UK. It suddenly seems ages ago.

It's been over two and half months since I have been here in the UK and more importantly away from my parents. Being away from the protective cushion of our parents is not easy at all. The decision to leave home was never easy too. A lot of times I wasn't sure if I was made for it, if I would survive and so many more kind of doubts. But a friend gave me the courage and assured me that I would be able to and that everything was going to be alright. From that point onwards there was no looking back.

I looked for Universities, checked their ranks, researched on the kind of courses they offered, the fee structure, etc. I also had to look for the kind of scores they required from me, be it entrance test or class test scores. I spent so much time on the internet reading, asking strangers on the net or asking my friends who have already had a stint abroad. They were all really helpful. But what really surprised me and touched my heart, was how supportive my parents were of my decision. It was evident how tough it was for them to see me take steps away from them, but they never came in my way. They would listen patiently to me when I would excitedly come to them telling about what all I had found. Though they did not have any idea about the place that I would be going to, they completely trusted my judgments. When I got good scores in my graduation and entrance tests and managed to get into the University of Sheffield, my parents were as happy as anyone. They did a great job of hiding their fears and pain under the hood of happiness and pride.

Then the day of my departure started creeping ever so close and the process of leaving was in full swing. The last month went very quickly and suddenly it was time for me to leave. I am a person who hates goodbyes. So you can imagine my state when it is my parents that I had to say goodbye to. For the last few days before my departure, I had nightmares about the scene which was due to unfold at the airport. But I am grateful to my friends, for they got me late at reaching the airport. This meant that a long and painful farewell was cut short and all I had time was for a wave and a hasty round of goodbyes to my family and friends.

In the UK, it has been a new beginning. Be it living alone, doing chores, cooking, buying groceries or taking decisions on my own, it has been a totally new experience. Maybe it is a change or just a new challenge, but I am enjoying it a lot. I cherish every moment and am thankful for getting this opportunity. But the truth is that I can't wait to go back home. As was immortalized in the words of Robert Montgomery,

"Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest."


  1. Kewlz man! Blog more and we will have a need to read. Although I personally prefer a Need for Speed but we can't always get what we want. AHWELL.

  2. nice one...well it wuld hav been better if u wuld hav mentioned sum names...lik da frnds who got u late...awesum frnds...who r always thr 4 u...who always understnad ur feelings n act accordingly...:P

  3. nice story...yup, names would be appreciated! ;D but hey I was expecting total bollywood style ending ... weeping Ma and behen, rootha hua dad and running past security after the flight has left and still boarding it!!!! :D